Went for a short walk after the storm and it was so beautiful out there.


Had a quiet afternoon with K building our first ever café. Isn’t it cute?

Journaling at the tearoom while we wait for K to finish dining at the temple’s vegetarian buffet.

My tiny corner of presents from some family and friends.

Before they all got knocked out at 2am. 😹

(Family Christmas party 2017)

What a cool advent calendar by Bonne Maman. Glad to have won this giveaway set. 😻

My early morning view – sunrise from the balcony of Bahia Resort, Mission Bay in San Diego.

Playing the ukulele and journaling at the hotel’s balcony is my kind of birthday getaway.

Thanks to J for this not so surprise staycation. 🙀

Ika upat ko na nga adlaw nga sige ako tuon ha Photoshop Elements hin pan himo mga ig baraligya. 

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