Cozy morning means coffee, homemade banana bread, smooth jazz music, planning, journaling, and rain…


Freshly baked banana bread and Vietnamese coffee for breakfast.

Breakfast at Corner Bakery and Cafe

Pumpkin spice pancakes
Farmer’s market breakfast plate
Banana muffin
Chai soy latte

Breakfast for three at Corner Bakery and Cafe

And I am thinking of adding another insert in my passport Traveler’s Notebook for my breakfast logs.  🙀

And here’s a short quote on my Midori notebook which is going against my wish to add yet another insert.

My plans for this morning, same as always…

… is to drink coffee and do some journaling.

And then have a lunch date with K at Tamaya.

Breakfast at Panera Bread in Walnut after driving K off to school.

Breakfast at Starbucks

Coffee while I make lists.

Lunch at Gen Korean Barbecue

TN portrait before taking notes and while I wait for the beef brisket

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